aplikacje mobilne, urasoft, android, ios

Nasza misja

Nasze aplikacje, zarówno natywne, jak i hybrydowe, są nie tylko funkcjonalne, ale również zapewniają wysoki poziom bezpieczeństwa.


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aplikacje mobilne, urasoft, android, ios

Our mission

Our applications, both native and hybrid, are not only functional, but also provide a high level of security.


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While using an iPhone for signing up to all sorts of apps, you must have come across the “two-step account verification” process. It is based on sending a text code to the phone number you provided, which needs to be rewritten usually within 30 seconds.

A lot of users ask themselves why they have to go through this step before they are able to start using the application. This step makes the application a lot more secure by preventing the ‘fake accounts’ from being activated by all kinds of specialized internet bots. Unauthorised ‘fake accounts; are created to contain hundreds of false comments and ratings in order to “encourage” real users to purchase their non-existing products. During the purchase process on a crafted website the user provides credit card details and loses money. Very often ‘fake accounts’ of celebrities are being used to commit fraud. Users are more likely to open an infected link when it comes from, what it looks like, a trustworthy source.

As a benefit for new users, applications can offer discounts or discount codes, which can only be used once.

You may have noticed that if you have an open keyboard in the application box where you are rewriting the code and the text message arrives, you can see a hint that allows you to quickly rewrite the code into the active textfield:

oneTimeCode iOS example of useoneTimeCode iOS example of useoneTimeCode iOS example of use

As a developer, you probably wondered how to implement a functionality in the application you are creating. Skipping the text message shipping process by backend, it’s actually very simple. In order to implement the above functionality into the text field please add

veryficationTextField.textContentType = .oneTimeCode


if you want to make the functionality available through a website, add the appropriate autocomplete tag to the input:

That’s it! Yes, it really is so simple. This should work immediately provided that in the text message contains a multi number code. iOS itself will rehearse the message accordingly and pull the code, regardless of its content.